Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I am headed into my last week of my newly adopted healthy eating lifestyle. The accountability portion is ending, but I feel committed to moving forward with this new way of eating and burning fat. Our coach threw out the option of doing a 24 hour fast. Since intermittent fasting is part of the process, I thought, why not. After all, no one is home. I won’t have the barrage of individuals eating in front of me. Plus, my intermittent fasting starts when I finish my last meal from the day before, so this probably won’t be so hard. Sometimes I am delusional.

I will say that I cruised through the first 20 hours with no problem. Part of that time, I was asleep and the other portion, I was hanging out with some friends. I drank a shit ton of water, green tea, and I wasn’t overly hungry. But, there was a bit of panic in my body like it was inquiring, “WTF is she doing?”. I have done several mini-marathons and am always baffled at how the finish line seems to get further and further away, the closer you get to it. I know it is an illusion, but I am not kidding when I say, that the closer my 24 hour mark came, the slower the clock moved. Let me just point out that there is nothing fast about the fasting process. That term is misleading.

Finally, I hit the mark. I succeeded in my goal. Once I fixed my small meal to break my fast and began consuming its deliciousness, my body started to respond. It didn’t forgive me right away. I am sure that I will have to prove myself trustworthy when I nourish myself today. But, I will admit, it felt really good. It was a nice reprieve. Don’t worry, I don’t think I will do one again for a while. I mean, after all, I am probably the only Catholic that doesn’t follow the fasting suggestion during Lent. My opinion is that God really would prefer I eat. Being hungry makes me grumpy which in turn makes me hangry. This leads to unkindness and a lack of compassion toward others. My guess is that God wants me to be kind.

This whole new way of eating and exercising has been a huge game changer for me. Since I thrive on the accountability, I have signed up for a second round. I need someone who has my back and will push me to be the best version of me. And that is my theme for 2019 – accountability, sustainability, and consistency. Happy New Year, friends!