Square Peg ● Round Hole







After my near death experience, you would think I would have some sort of adverse reaction to putting food in my mouth.   Apparently, it takes more than choking and having the Heimlich performed to deter me.   For almost two weeks I have been immersed in my new sustainable eating arrangement.  To say I love it, would be an understatement.  Already seeing non-scale wins has been enough to propel me forward.

Thursday night, after my choking episode, I indulged in dessert.  A decadent chess cake that I did count in my app that keeps track of all that is holy entering my body.   While it fit nicely without killing my carb count, I noticed yesterday that I felt awful.  Bloated, sluggish, and most of all annoyed that I had actually been feeling this way for years, but did not identify that it had to do with what I was putting in my mouth.

Even this morning, I am still feeling the aftershocks of this particular indulgence.  But, I am set on moving forward.  If I learned anything Thursday night, it is to honor the only vessel that I have and maybe stay away from prime rib.  Although, Bryce reminded me that I shouldn’t blame the meat for my issue.  Perhaps, he suggested, that I actually cut the meat smaller.  He is a delightful smart ass, but his words ring true.  The prime rib was an innocent party to my unfortunate incident.

So, I begin my Saturday focusing on good health for my body, intense gratitude that I fought the meat stuck in my throat and won with the help of an trusty friend, and the ability to recognize that while dessert makes everything better, it is a temporary fix.    Everything in moderation, but I am set on making better choices in that realm.