Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, while driving Brian’s car, I had an epiphany. It was my Oprah “ah-ha” moment. His car syncs up to the phone of the driver which allows me to play my music. However, this time it kept posting a message saying that my Bluetooth wasn’t on. Since, I was driving, I ignored it while vowing to figure it out once I arrived at my destination. I was fuming. Pissed that Brian’s car is so inane. Vowing to call Brian and see if he has had the same problem. I parked and imagine my surprise when I found that my Bluetooth, somehow, was turned off. The problem was me.

My next awareness came in the form of opening cheese. You know the packaging is set up for failure or so I thought. How hard is it to simply tear across the perforated lines and then open the zipped portion? Apparently, it is Allison proof. I have been convinced that they were all defective, but I am now finding that I am the problem.

Interestingly enough this epiphany stretches past the Bluetooth scenario and opening cheese. Whenever I focus on something or someone else being the problem, I am deflecting on what the real issue is. The finger always comes pointing back to me. People aren’t going to change. The packaging on the cheese isn’t going to change. It is all on me. Once I realize that tidbit of information, the scene changes. The revelation is a game changer.

The blame game used to be my favorite past time. It was easier for me to put the focus on a situation, person, or perhaps food packaging, to ease my discomfort. But, when I look in the mirror, that’s when the miracle occurs. Everything begins with me. When I can remember that, then the cheese packaging loses its power.