Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is that gray area that blurs the lines of what is mine and what belongs to someone else. In the event of it being someone I am close to, I can easily rationalize that it is my business. You see, I have this insane notion that my way of doing things is better. That if you would simply listen to my voice of reason, every problem would magically be solved. Reality dictates that my voice of reason is full of shit.

I know that most of us believe that what our spouses do involves us especially when it affects the entire family. Take my spouse’s health issues. If he isn’t taking care of himself, then it bleeds into our family. Is it my business? Nope. Even if he hasn’t taken his medication in weeks? Still no. I hate that. What about the way he is searching for a new job? Still not my business. That is about to kill me. Seriously, I am full of wonderful ideas on how to make his search more efficient. But, he hasn’t asked for my help. In fact, this falls in line that it is none of my business. The struggle is real.

Staying in my lane is crucial, but I have a tendency to swerve into other people’s lanes and cut them off. Honestly, by my interference, I am not respecting other people’s right to make decisions for themselves. To learn their own lessons. And who am I to think that I know best? I have even tried to give unsolicited advice to God and he ignores me too. If it is outside of my hula hoop, it isn’t mine. That grain of knowledge should be freeing. It should be a relief not to be burdened with other people’s crap. Most days, I seize that with no problem. But, then there are moments, when fear clouds my judgement and I shamelessly step in their path. Progress not perfection, friends.