Square Peg ● Round Hole







As we begin 2019, my intent was set to enhance my life with consistency, accountability and sustainability. I am already implementing that in the area of my health, by changing my eating and exercise habits. (Four sizes down already and it hasn’t even been 8 weeks.) So with my body in check, there are other areas that have been clamoring for my attention.

My novel has been a slow work in progress. When I say slow, I mean that I write a lot and then I let it sit. It sits so long, I have to refresh my memory on the character’s names. I overthink the process. Then the novel and I compete in a standoff. It really is no competition because I usually walk away. So, I took the experience a friend shared and set the intent that I would have an accountability partner. Ideally, it would be a retired Marine who would scream at me when I provided excuses as to why I was procrastinating. But, since I don’t know one, I decided to ask someone that I have known over thirty years to fill the spot.

The qualifications for this position would be someone who wouldn’t cosign my bullshit. Someone that would hold me to the deadlines that we both agree on and who would be totally honest. If my writing is garbage, then I want to know that. I want suggestions on how to make the story strong and interesting. In other words, I can’t do this alone.

When we chatted yesterday, she was completely and utterly thrilled to be asked. She is a fellow writer, so that was another part of my criteria. I wanted someone who gets the process. I wanted someone who will encourage me without coddling. The writing journey is tricky, but this story needs to be told. The reality is that I just want to finish what I started. I need someone to be accountable to and fortunately, my friend agreed.

There is a vulnerability in asking for help. There is the mindset that I don’t want to bother anyone or that it is weak not to be able to do it alone. All of that thinking is crap. It takes a strong sense of self to realize that the more help you ask for, the more successful you become. All I know is that I am grateful I don’t do life without my tribe of people. I am a little dangerous left to my own devices.

Welcome 2019. I have been waiting for you.