Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am sitting here on a snowy, cold Sunday morning where I am so grateful we survived the winter storm that arrived last night. (Please read the first sentence with a tone of sarcasm.) We ended up with 2.3 inches. I am assuming that the criteria for a winter storm has softened or perhaps, I am becoming a bitchy old lady. Whatever the issue, I was sadly disappointed in the results. I mean, if we are having a warning, then let’s up the ante. That really wasn’t what my topic was going to be about today, but apparently, I needed to vent my dismay regarding Mother Nature’s continued mental breakdown.

What I really wanted to share is my progress on my healthy and sustainable lifestyle initiative. That really is a long way of saying “I am giving the finger to menopause”. I have been actively operating with a new attitude toward my body for nine weeks. On Friday, I felt bloated and fat. It could be that time of the month, but I have no way of knowing since my uterus left my body over 10 years ago. There are signs, like if I am a royal bitch, but sometimes that is unreliable, since I can be a bitch all the time. I hit the wall thinking “why the hell I am doing this?”. I guess that was a normal reaction when I feel like I am on a plateau of sorts. Honestly, the program that I am doing isn’t radical, it is just tweaking my body into being a fat burning machine. But, Friday, I felt that the machine was broken until a friend called me a “skinny bitch.” I have uttered those words before when referring to women that look like they either eat nothing but bark or they have a button that magically amps up their metabolism. Of course, I don’t know their real story. They might have to work really hard, but my impulsive, judgmental side loves to label people. So, this friend that called me a “skinny bitch”, I love her. Those two words solidified my commitment. Sometimes that is all I need to amplify my ability to move forward.

My theme for 2019 is sustainability, accountability, and a dose of commitment. I can do all of those things for others, but when it comes to doing it for me, I fall short. But not this time. This is my time to rise and shine.

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