Square Peg ● Round Hole







Apparently, the state of Kentucky is simply skipping today. Late yesterday afternoon, schools starting cancelling classes because old man winter decided that we should be colder than Alaska. Seriously, there is a potential to have a -20 below wind chill factor while the state of polar bears is a balmy 30 degrees.

I believe I missed the instructional classes that would prepare me for hell freezing over. Was there a test? I notice that my Bassets want to go out more often when cold isn’t even a strong enough word to describe the temperature. Their ability to simply “cop-a-squat” is lost on them and they “explore” the yard for the ideal spot. Maybe the class that I missed on hell freezing over included guidelines for helping your pets use inside plumbing.

In the state of Kentucky, we go big or go home. I have already established that my goal is going home, but the Bluegrass state has a different approach. Our state shuts down for two things……winter and the greatest two minutes in sports – The Kentucky Derby.

So, today we are closed for business. Be sure to check back with us next Monday when the high is slated to be around 60. I will be happy when Mother Nature goes back to rehab, but now I can check off “experience hell freezing over” off of my bucket list.