Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am at T minus 12 hours before my family arrives homes from their stay in Florida. It has been a week full of win-wins for all of us. They got away from me and I was alone in my perfect bubble where unicorns and rainbows reign supreme. Sure, some might think I am a horrific person because I am in a state of bliss. That it appears I don’t really miss my family, but that would be an illusion. I miss them, but I don’t miss the extra laundry, dishes, disappearing food, bodily smells, and, well, you get the picture.

This week has been productive. I have successfully sent six chapters of my book to my accountability partner. (I hope she doesn’t gouge her eyes out.) I have connected with friends, spent time (limited, but time) with my mother, and most of all, I have embraced the solitude. I love the space allotted to simply connect with me. Doing what I love to do without considering everyone else. I highly recommend that every women take a timeout to get to know themselves. Sounds a tad bizarre that as much time as we spend with ourselves, we become a stranger to our inner being. We get lost in the wants and demands of others. Accommodating everyone but ourselves. Honoring me is an excellent segue to having better relationships with others. And if I need a little reboot, there is always my she-shed that will welcome me with a big dose of peace and quiet.

Doused in reality, next week will resume our regular programming. Brian will continue to search for a job, Bailey will go back to work, and Bryce will get to experience the joys of having his wisdom teeth removed. But, this week has given me the time to simply be appreciative for the life I have been given. But, in this moment, I will continue to enjoy the peace and quiet until my tribe of testosterone enters the back door.