Square Peg ● Round Hole







One of the things I love about my spouse is that he hasn’t murdered me. Take yesterday for example. He was set to install the pendant light fixtures that I had ordered. Now, his talent is the implementation of my vision and mine is ordering really cool stuff that will enhance said vision. As he opened the box, the facial expressions gave me the insight of what was going on in his mind. The light fixtures are an unique geometrical shape that happen to be metal. So, wiring and hanging them was a little tedious. They were heavy and the process was a tad cumbersome. I kept my distance, but close enough if he needed help. He got one installed before he was called over to my mother’s house.

You all have been privy to the issue with my mother continually messing with her thermostat. My brother-in-law was kind enough to research a way to connect it with her Alexa so she can voice control it instead of messing everything up that causes me to lose my shit and go over to fix it. Brian spent three hours working with the HVAC guy in an effort to make her life easier. Now, he has an app on his phone that allows him to control her thermostat. This could get interesting.

During the time he was there, he sent flirty text messages like “You OWE me”. So adorable. As if I really did. Of course, I am grateful for his willingness to help my mom, but considering I surrendered my uterus for his two children and haven’t murdered him, I think he actually might owe me.

Later in the evening, he kept getting notifications of the various changes in the thermostat. At one point, it had been turned up to 80. Brian called my mother and asked her why she was touching the newly installed device. I was laughing as I am sure she was not aware that we now have proof of her meddling with the house temperature. Her response, “Well, now it is comfortable in here”.

Grateful I have a partner who can roll with life even when things are thrown in his path that are a challenge. Sure, he wasn’t thrilled with my light fixture selection, but they look amazing. And while he spent an exorbitant amount of time at my mother’s house, she will be able to feel more competent in making her home a sauna. It really is the little things.