Square Peg ● Round Hole







I think most people enjoy the words “you’re right”. Of course, it could be just me, but there is something sweet and savory about being affirmed. Since we have been knee-deep in remodeling the kitchen while Brian is on an employment hiatus, I have enjoyed the moments when those words trickle out of my spouse’s mouth.

While he is the brawn of this project, I am the visionary. When ordering lighting and accessories, I was firm on my decisions. As those items arrived, Brian’s expressions were readable. His facial twitch said, “Oh shit, this is going to look awful”. But, while he complained under his breath about the style, weight, and anything else he could think of, after the fact, he agreed with me. I love being right. In fact, maybe I should have recorded him saying it, so I could play it over and over again.

While we are at the point that our togetherness has become annoying, I think this project shows that we can work well together. Okay, he can work well by himself while I pick out stuff and purchase it. But, still we are partnering up to improve our kitchen look. That should stand for something. All I know, is that the words, “you’re right” make me tingle and smile. See, I just proved that you can be right and be happy at the same time. You’re welcome!