Square Peg ● Round Hole







I like to think of myself as adaptable. Flowing with any given situation. Of course, chances are, I am delusional. Take yesterday, for example. We are in the final stages of our kitchen transformation. The biggest portion being the painting of the cabinets. I hired a professional as neither one of us really wanted to tackle that project. I suppose I had a distorted view on how it was to go. Okay, in true transparency, I had no clue.

They layered our kitchen in plastic and protective covering as they cleaned and prepared the cabinets for their new look. Anticipation of the outcome is growing and complaining about this small inconvenience seems silly. On top of all of this, I have three pieces due to the magazine that I write for, so my brain is on the edge of short circuiting. Let’s be honest friends, Brian is getting on my nerves. That’s natural, right? I mean, we have literally been together for 8 weeks – all day, everyday. Sure, I am probably on his nerves too, but this is my blog, so my nerves trump his.

By last night, I knew things were at an all time low when I inquired about his team of choice (University of Kentucky) and whether they won or not. He interpreted my tone as insincere while I was simply asking a question. I don’t bleed blue, but I certainly don’t cheer against them unless they are playing my team of choice (University of Louisville). I simply turned and walked away after his little tantrum. When he came to apologize for being short, he used the iconic “I’m sorry, but”. Apologies should never have a “but” with them because that isn’t the most sincere direction to take. Needless to say, my level of annoyance was elevated.

Sometimes I allow the chaos in my head to invade the peace that is residing within me. Allowing outside circumstances, whether it is an unemployed spouse or my kitchen in disarray, to affect my mood. Those entities are only as powerful as I let them be. Easy does it is my motto and maybe less interaction with my spouse until I can play nicely with others.