Square Peg ● Round Hole







I shared a few blogs ago that I am committed to finishing a book that I started writing over a year ago. Excellent in procrastination, I have dubbed 2019 the year of sustainability, accountability, and commitment. I asked a friend, a fellow writer and someone that has known me most of my life, to be my partner. I pledged to have six chapters to her at the beginning of each month and then we meet a few weeks later where she would critique the work I shared. There is a great deal of vulnerability for me and last night, when we met, I was a tad nervous.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t think that she would say it was crap. She is more eloquent than that. Maybe she would express a concern that it wouldn’t appeal to anyone. Maybe she would politely tell me to stick with writing my blog. Hell, I had created so many varied scenarios, that I probably had another scene in the book that I am convinced she will hate. This is what a tormented writer does in their spare time.

There was a twinkle in her eye as we sat down at a cozy restaurant last night. She shared what she wanted to see more of and told me this particular book – at least the six chapters read so far – will appeal to a wide-range of people. Her enthusiasm was contagious as I found myself getting comfortable with the realization that people might want to read what I write. Now, I realize that I have a great deal of followers with this blog. I love being open and honest with my day to day life. There is a different component involved when delving into the literary world. So much detail and description sprinkled with layers of complex situations that I tend to overthink and get frustrated. But, this face to face interaction with someone I trust to give me an honest account of her perception, was just the ingredient I needed to move forward.

Today, I will send her six more chapters and continue writing the rest of the book. She asked how long it was going to be and honestly, I have no idea. The characters are really driving the train, so I will follow their lead. In the meantime, I am grateful that I found an accountability partner. In fact, I have several in my life that guide me through my creative process, my health initiative, and my spiritual growth. I crave that in an effort to be the best version of myself.