Square Peg ● Round Hole







Change is inevitable. My only roadblock is when I resist it. I have learned that change often leads me to an unexpected destination and acceptance doesn’t mean I like it. We have been in a flurry of transition. For me, it means that life is progressing and that if I am not careful, I am going to miss something incredible. The process can be painful, daunting, and sometimes exasperating.

We are at the eight week point of unemployment for Brian. Now, I seem to be counting the weeks like I used to count his drinks before he became sober. That was an effort to maintain some sort of control in the throes of chaos. But, guess what? I am adapting. While there are tons of unknowns at this point, many blessings have come out of this situation. My kitchen is being redone courtesy of my spouse who is incredibly gifted. I am learning to share my space. Of course, I have a writing studio aka she-shed, but with the weather being subject to change on a moment’s notice, I have opted to position myself on our couch in the living room. I am enjoying him being home. WHAT???? Yes, friends, we have gotten into a steady rhythm. Routine, for me, eases my discomfort.

Before my spouse was thrown into a pause in his employment, I opted to change my lifestyle. Pledging to commit to a program where I would gain a healthier body image. That has been twelve weeks ago. Guess what??? I made it through the holidays, the stress of a spouse being unemployed, and the other little unexpected life occurrences that could throw me off my game. I have not been deterred. I have not turned to food. Instead, I have focused on how great I am feeling, the way my body is transforming before my eyes, and the reality that I am taking my life back and not surrendering to the aging process.

Change isn’t easy, but it is inevitable. My attitude is the key and resisting is my downfall. If I get out of the way, and let life happen, it is amazing to watch how it all unfolds.