Square Peg ● Round Hole







There have been these moments where I feel like I need to hurry up. Hurry up and finish my book. Hurry up and take that leap of faith. It is like I feel as if I am running out of time. I think time can be quite a jerk. It passes so quickly that I feel like I am always playing catch up. And then I remember that God’s timing is always perfect. At this moment, I am exactly where I am suppose to be.

That is a comforting thought as I can easily slip into the mindset that I am behind schedule. Those “should have” thoughts that can berate me for not doing those things that occupy my dreams. Those thoughts are built of concrete. They stall me. They distract me from my real purpose. They set me up to make excuses. They taint the process. The power of time expands when I simply go with the flow. Paying attention to those God nudges is key. I can’t force the writing process. My method isn’t to sit for eight hours a day and churn out meaningful words. No, I simply follow my gut. Time might not appear to be on my side, but it certainly can be an excellent catalyst.

Time has introduced me to being open and willing. I might not feel like I am on schedule, but experience dictates that I am simply along for the ride. Even if my book never gets published, it is important that I continue moving forward. Because at this moment, time is all I have.