Square Peg ● Round Hole







When I commit to something, it resembles a well-oiled machine. A venture that requires my total attention. And since I am the poster child for quitting, this new way of living is a huge win for me. Thirteen weeks ago today, I gave the finger to my unresponsive metabolism and tried something new. I became the leader in my health journey instead of sitting idle while simply accepting my menopausal body. This was one of the best decisions of my life.

This isn’t a fad diet. I am not eating kale and cutting carbs out nor am I drinking shakes, buying program food, or adopting a food plan where I can’t eat the things I love. This program, The FASTer Way to Fat Lose, is teaching me how to eat the foods that fuel my body and burn fat when I workout. My body is now a fat burning machine. As of this morning, I have lost 5 inches off of my waist and most importantly, my butt is 4 inches smaller. I concentrate on the non-scale victories, but I do know that I am 13 pounds down. My hormones are regulated. I am no longer bloated and friends, I sleep like a flipping baby. Plus, NO HOT FLASHES.

Look, not everyone is going to have the same experience I am having. This program requires planning. If you plan your meals ahead, success is at your finger tips. This program requires no excuses. Life happens, but this program, if you work it at a 100 percent commitment, will partner with your lifestyle. I know this for a fact. I have done this through Thanksgiving and Christmas. In a little over a week, I will be practicing this on vacation. It is doable. You just have to make the commitment.

The accountability has truly been the root of my success. I needed someone who will call me on my bullshit. Someone who will challenge me to strive harder but encourages me in a positive way. My adoption of a sustainable way to eat has been a game changer. Grateful that I took that leap of faith and excited about how my body is responding.

FASTerway to Fat Loss