Square Peg ● Round Hole







The human spirit is going through a transition. I don’t know if it is just me, but I am noticing more individuals with dismissive demeanors. Less tolerant of situations. For me, I am trying my best to simply go with the flow. Making an effort to diffuse negativity with a more positive outlook.

Yesterday, I was picking up prescriptions for Bailey and Brian. Since Brian is on a hiatus from working, we have new insurance, so I needed to have that all changed in the system prior to picking up their drugs. Instead of going through the driver-thru, I went inside as I had other shopping to do. The young lady that waited on me was very sweet. She was a novice and was truthful about that as she entered our insurance. There was an issue so she sought help from one of her coworkers. The staff was obviously busy filling orders and were patient with her as she inquired about the problem. As a line began to form. I instantly picked up on the annoyance that radiated from the lady behind me.

My situation was already 15 minutes in before the line formed. This young lady kept apologizing for my delay, but I assured her that I understood she was still learning. We were in the midst of concluding the transaction, when the lady behind me bellowed, “I have been waiting 15 minutes”. I really despise people sometimes. So, I turned around and smiled, “It is really my fault. I was changing insurance and she was kind enough to take that task on”. I imagine that this lady might either be constipated or perhaps that is her permanent facial expression. Her response wasn’t kind, but rather negative. “That isn’t my problem. There are other people working here that could help.” I turned back around and ignored. her. In the 30 minutes that I had been there, every employee was busy either helping the people in the drive-thru or on the phone with other patients, not to mention filling the prescriptions.

As I turned to leave, I thanked the young lady profusely and complimented her on what a great job she did. Then I turned around to the constipated lady and said, “I hope you have a great day!”. I said this with blend of sarcasm sprinkled with a genuine hope that her day is amazing. But, I am gathering from her sparkling personality, she will experience the kind of day that she deserves.

I learn a lot about people as I observe how they treat others. As I walked away, I sent a little prayer to both of those individuals. For the young lady, I prayed for her to have tolerance and patience. For the constipated lady, I prayed for kindness and compassion. There is no room in the world for treating people poorly. Remembering that we are all doing the best we can is an excellent reminder when annoyed or frustrated. We are all in the learning process. Some are more receptive than others.