Square Peg ● Round Hole







Last night, my youngest came home for the brief weekend visit. The draw was an alumni retreat at his former high school. I was showing him all the updating to the kitchen that his father had accomplished and then shared that I had bought his favorite bread (it is a heavenly homemade twisted cinnamon bread), that he could enjoy here and take the leftovers back with him to school. His response was, “Mom, you try to hard”. Oh, okay. What exactly does that mean?

He didn’t say it in an unkind way, but it was enough for me to feel a twinge of hurt. Of course, the solution is to go to the source, which will happen before he leaves, but my issue is the interpretation that goes on in my head. I can twist anything to make it expand into something negative. My actions in purchasing things that Bryce likes when he is home, is simply an extension of my love for him. But, those five words made me question my motives.

I know from experience that trying to interpret other people’s words and actions can lead me down the path of overthinking. Taking it personally is my own doing. There is always more to the story and my willingness to ask the question could lead to an open dialogue regarding the root of those words. I just need to be open to listening.