Square Peg ● Round Hole







This month, my spouse, celebrates seventeen years of sobriety. When I think back about all the years of his active drinking, I am in awe of how we survived. We both have worked diligently on our ourselves to become more emotionally and spiritually fit.

When I went to his birthday celebration, I listened to all of those inspiring individuals who shared how Brian’s recovery has had a significant impact on their own journey. For me, I needed to see my spouse with God’s eyes. With spending 24/7 with him, I have a skewed view. I needed a fresh perspective. Sometimes the message comes from unexpected sources.

I take for granted that he is walking through this employment hiatus sober. Instead, he has invested in his recovery and diving into the solution instead of sabotaging himself.

During this seventeen years, many of our relationships with others has shifted. We have outgrown some, strengthened others, and made new connections. We have shown our boys a different way to live in an effort to challenge the continuation of the disease of alcoholism that is still present in our family.

It isn’t perfect. Just like anything, it is messy and uncertain, but I will say that I am grateful for the lessons that these experiences have taught me. It might sound crazy, but my life is better today all because of the insanity that brought us to this point. Sometimes it is a new pair of glasses that let’s me see things in a different light. I just have to be willing.