Square Peg ● Round Hole







We loaded up the car early yesterday morning and headed to Bowling Green to pick up Bryce. While we convinced him to skip class – yes, we are those parents – he unfortunately had early football obligations which meant we would be leaving later than planned. Once he loaded his stuff in the car, he proudly announced the he brought snacks. I thought about how kind that was until he told me what he packed. Let’s see there was beef jerky, soup, Ramen noodles, and microwave popcorn. None of those, aside from the beef jerky, can be consumed while driving 11 hours. Oh, I forgot, he also had instant hot chocolate with those weird marshmallows. Let’s just say, he is never going to be in charge of snacks.

Half way to our beach destinations, we stopped for gas and I ventured in to find something sort of healthy that could qualify for a snack. I am a planner, but failed to actually think ahead in regards to my nutritional needs during our extensive car trip. I settled on some Smartfood popcorn while Bailey picked Doritos. When he looked at me for approval, I took those out of his hands and gave him pretzels. He rolled his eyes while muttering something that I am sure was loving and marched towards the cashier. I asked Bryce if he wanted anything and he responded, “I brought snacks, remember?”. Oh, that’s right, I could be munching on some hard Ramen noodles instead of my popcorn. Silly me.

We laughed a lot yesterday. Mostly at Bryce and his “snack” options. Brian also provided some entertainment, which is not a surprise. Grateful for the change of scenery and a week with my college boy.