Square Peg ● Round Hole







There is always an adjustment when coming off of a vacation. Yesterday, we loaded the car and started our journey back home. There were a few bumps like my GPS alerting us to an accident that would have delayed us over an hour, so we figured out an alternate route. No biggie. I have my GPS on as well because the one in Brian’s car is lazy. She doesn’t do anything but get annoyed when we change directions and doesn’t alert us about delays. Anyway, we avoided the issue and finally arrived in Bowling Green where we had dinner with Bryce before dropping him off at his dorm.

At one point, we saw a truck from the Bowling Green or Warren County, if we are being technical, on the expressway when we had almost reached Nashville. Brian and I asked Bryce if the driver agreed, he could just ride with him and then we could go straight to Louisville. We were kidding. Maybe.

Finally reaching home around 8:30, I knew Brian had hit the wall. Cranky and unreasonable, he was itching to start a fight, but I restraint myself. After all, I am bitch, but not that big of one that I would fight with the man who drove us twelve hours. Okay, part of me fought a tiny bit, but, for the most part, I took the high road. It was hard. Kudos for me.

Vacations are great. But, coming home is always welcomed. I love going away because it makes me appreciate the life I have created. Sure, right now, we are in the unknown portion of our story, but the change of scenery gave me a reprieve. Vacation is my timeout. It allows me to regroup, recharge, and reflect. Now, it is back to reality and I hope reality is going to serve up a job for my spouse. God’s timing is always perfect, but on this particular issue, I think He might be on vacation or moved. Maybe there is a post card in the mail indicating His forwarding address or letting me know the date He will return and address this particular need. Yeah, maybe I need another vacation.