Square Peg ● Round Hole







In true transparency, I don’t have my shit together nor do I know what is happening half of the time. It was glaringly obvious when my mother was at my home with her caregiver the other day. I wanted to show her the new kitchen and they were picking up her laundry along with her talking watch. The last item threw me because I forgot I had it. Oh, not only did I forget I had it, I also had no idea where it was. Since the time sprung forward like an adorable rabid bunny, her watch needed to be adjusted.

So, just like a small child caught doing something wrong, I deflected. I changed the subject. I told her that I would bring it to her tomorrow once I had a chance to figure out the steps accommodate the new time. She bought it. Once she left, I exhaled along with uttering a string of sentence enhancers that might have been brought to you by the letter F. I retraced my steps wondering where the hell I could have left it and thought I might have to contact my friends at Amazon to purchase another one. Suddenly, I realized that I had put it in a basket next to the door and never retrieved it after taking the laundry downstairs. Praise, Jesus!!! As I looked at it to change the time, I realized that it was already correct. Apparently, watches for the visually impaired do it automatically. That is both handy and annoying since if I had simply looked at the watch when it was originally brought to me, the whole situation could have been avoided.

The watch has been returned to my mother with the knowledge tucked away in my brain for the next time the time changes. Sometimes I wonder if I should be allowed to operate heavy machinery. See, I am currently living in my head to much. I am a few chapters from finishing the first draft of my book, and these characters are pushing me to the edge. So yes, I am tad distracted. The power these fictional people have over me is astounding. I mean, they are literally sucking my brain cells out of my head. This too shall pass. They are just anxious to finally have their story told and I am happy to oblige.