Square Peg ● Round Hole







Look, I hope by now you all know I don’t sugar coat things. That I don’t tell you how perfect my life is or all the amazing things my family does for me. That’s all bullshit. I mean, my family is great, but they don’t fart rainbows and butterflies, friends. They are human as am I which is why I am currently swirling in my own discomfort. Oh, and it is Mercury Retrograde which compounds the problem. Are you familiar with this phenomenon? Let me introduce you to this particular asshole.

It started on March 5 and will end on March 28. During this time, you might as well hibernate until the all clear is announced. If that isn’t an option, here are the things to watch out for. You can expect misunderstandings, scheduling issues, and disagreements during this time. Oh, and major decisions should probably wait for a while. Christ. On. A. Cracker. Does this mean that my husband’s employment hiatus will linger? Probably.

I am trying to be a patient little soldier while we linger in the unknown. My annoyance is palpable. I am trying to shift my perception from why is this happening to me to what is this trying to teach me. Trying my best to be a willing student. Being okay with residing in the prickly sensation of impatience. I know that my current state isn’t permanent and at least I am willing to admit that I am raving, bitchy, lunatic. I suppose that is progress as I continue to live a perfectly imperfect life.