Square Peg ● Round Hole







Adjusting to the norm after a vacation is hard enough, but doing it when the clocks are scheduled to “spring” forward makes it more difficult. Add two Basset hounds that have been hanging with friends at a pet resort, and you have a recipe for me being tired.

Apparently, Presley learned a new trick from her canine friends. Let’s bark at 5:34 am (technically, it was 6:34 am due to springing the hell forward) to get Mom’s attention. Normally, while both can be assholes, they are a little more thoughtful in their approach. They might nudge me, jump off of the bed, or perhaps, pace the floor. It is a more gentle and loving way for me to start the day. This morning, I literally fell out of the bed as the whole scenario was jarring. Well played, time change, well played.

I want to take the individual who thought of Daylight Saving Time and run them over with my car. I am aware that they are dead, but I still want to teach them a lesson. (Fun fact, those who are referring to it as Daylight Savings Time are incorrect. No “S” at the end of saving.) This makes me want to live in Hawaii or Arizona as they don’t participate in this ludicrous practice. It doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful states that appreciate sun versus the gloom that lingers over my current location.

I have gotten to the point that I don’t even change my car clock. I figure it will be right eventually. Sure, I get alarmed sometimes when I look at it thinking that I might either be late or early, but honestly, that usually subsides after a few days. Oh, and today, I will be in a constant state of looking at the time and referring to it as what it should be versus the reality. It messes with my brain and trust me, there is a whole lot of hell going on in there, so I really don’t need the added complication.

While the Bassets are back to sleep with not a care in the world, I am a bitter, hostile, woman clinging to her coffee as if it were a lifeline. Not going to lie, today would be an excellent day to avoid my presence. You’ve been warned.