Square Peg ● Round Hole







My bones are tired. My body feels like it was run over by a small army of horses and I am exhausted. But, it was all worth it. The wedding of my nephew and his beautiful bride is in the books and what a party it was. We danced and danced and danced some more. We celebrated family. The room radiated in love, but, of course, there is the story before the wedding.

My spouse is notorious for not being prepared. We needed to be downtown for family pictures at 4 pm. Since we were unsure of the parking situation, I suggested that we leave by 3:15, just to allot enough time. Of course, he was in the mindset of 3:30, which he manifested nicely, since he couldn’t find his dress shoes. Christ. On. A. Cracker. I asked him weeks ago if he had a clean suit, but apparently, I didn’t ask him if he knew where his shoes were. My bad. This is the pattern. One time, he didn’t have a suit that fit and he had to purchase a new one an hour before we were suppose to be leaving to attend The Kentucky Oaks. Honestly, I thought it would be awkward if I had to murder him before the wedding. It probably would send the wrong message about the sanctity of marriage. The crisis was averted as we found his flipping dress shoes.

The rest of the day was a beautiful combination of fun, love, and pure happiness. I danced more last night than I have in probably twenty years. All of us, even Brian, who used to only dance BS (before sobriety), because he felt that alcohol made him a better dance. Trust me, it didn’t not help. In fact, he looked like he was having some sort of “episode” that might require medical attention. Sober Brian is a much better dancer.

The wedding was beautiful. The reception was a blast and we created all kinds of memories to reminisce about for years to come. It was truly a celebration of two amazing people and family. Oh, and Bailey caught the garter, so he was totally jazzed about that. What a beautiful way to end the weekend.