Square Peg ● Round Hole







One of my nephews is getting married in two weeks, so I have been on the hunt for a dress. With losing almost 17 inches and 15 pounds, I was excited about my options. I found the ideal dress – chiffon, A-line, in a Fuchsia tone. I ignored the red flags. The fact that it took 21 days to ship. That it was coming from China. Anyway, it got here. I put it on and went to zip it. Obviously, needing assistance, I asked my spouse for help. It zipped with ease around my hips and waist. The struggle started once it reached my mid- back. I have always had a freakishly wide back. No, I am not a swimmer, but apparently I could have been a contender.

“Is it me or the zipper?” I kept repeating the question as Brian played tug-o-war with the dress. He finally answered, “It’s you. But, you do look good in the dress.” Sweet of him to say and honestly, if it weren’t for the whole back hanging out, I would wear it. The next day, I tried to put it on fully zipped. Yes, I realize the level of my crazy, but I was intrigued with the idea of forcing a solution. Instead of success, I almost smothered myself in a sea of chiffon. It resembled a cage match that I wasn’t going to win. Dress is being returned and now, I am back to square one with less than two weeks until the big day. I do have a really cute dress that I inherited from a friend that can serve as plan B, if I don’t find anything else.. However, I am still in deep grief over the loss of the dress of my dreams.

Experience dictates that when I am unwilling to accept the outcome of any given situation, I create solutions that will never work. Although, at the time, they appear brilliant. In my head, I am baffled as to why no one thought of it, but then reality hits, and I realize that I am not that powerful. That I might be on the edge of insanity. It really isn’t about the dress. It is about willingness to accept any given situation with grace. Progress not perfection.