Square Peg ● Round Hole







I want to apologize to all the trees that have senselessly lost their lives for the sake of useless paperwork. Having a child with a disability is a constant invasion of endless amounts of ridiculous surveys, questionnaires, and other redundant material that probably ends up in a landfill. Oh, sure, they draw you in to make you think that if you fill out said paperwork, improvements will be made for the lives of those who needs extra assistance to experience their full potential, but they are simply lies.

I fell for it again as I received a survey from one of our state universities. It was under the guise of improving the lives of those with special needs. Our state is experiencing a major shit show as a result of our current governor, so I am not seeing how this would be helpful. But since I adore repeating the cycle of insanity, I spent fifteen minutes filling it out and rolling my eyes along with way.

One question was, “what language do you and your family speak” which I would have loved to have responded, “we are well-versed in sarcasm and cuss words”. Since that wasn’t one of the choices, I simply filled in the bubble for “English”. I answered the questions like the good little role model that I am while growing increasingly annoyed as I proceeded. Redundancy littered the pages. By the end, I needed a nap, a cocktail, and a time machine to get back the fifteen minutes of my life wasted on filling out this crap. At the end, it asked if there was anything else that I could share. Friends, can you guess what I wrote? I sprinkled some helpful advice to the powers that be, “Do you want to know how you can help those families with special needs individuals? Stop wasting our time with useless paperwork. Instead, actually do something about the lack of housing, services, and money that is wasted on fruitless things. We need action.”

Yes, another day of spreading my sunshine to everyone around me. Seriously, what do they expect? Hopefully, my honest and transparent response will help them eliminate the endless stream of paper. Who am I kidding? I will probably get another questionnaire asking me why I am so annoyed and bitter.