Square Peg ● Round Hole







It was quiet yesterday. No demanding calls from my mother. No inquiries from my youngest on how to construct an email that “doesn’t sound angry” but gets the point across. It was heaven.

I managed to get in the zone and collaborate with my hosts of characters living within my mind. It is imperative that I give up procrastination. My head is in danger of overcrowding and it needs to be emptied. Because of that, I did some really dumb things.

When I came home from taking Bailey to work, I got out of the car but it kept beeping at me. I was so engrossed in thought about a conflict I am working out for the story, that I neglected to turn off the car. If anyone were observing me, they would have seen a mask of confusion and me uttering, “WTF” over and over like a crazy person. No lie, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was going on.

Then I was in the zone. Laughing at the dialogue that I was writing when all of the sudden, the entire chapter disappeared. I have no idea what I hit. I don’t know where the “undo” button is located and I was so absorbed in the moment, that I hadn’t hit the save button. Crap. At that point, I decided to take a break for the day.

I was grateful to have a dinner plans with two of my favorite people. But, I was still in my head figuring out the conflict within two of my characters. Let me be honest and say, controlling imaginary people’s lives is really exhausting. So much so, that when I arrived at the restaurant, I tried to enter through the wrong doors. I mean, they were obviously locked, but I simply kept pulling at them as if they would miraculously open. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. Fortunately, a very nice woman pointed me toward the direction of the actual door. You know, the one that would open and lead me to the promise land of an adult beverage.

Our waiter seemed to be in the same zone as I was since he served our meals in five minute plus increments. My one friend, who received her meal first, waited politely for us to get ours, but when it was obvious that wasn’t happening, we encouraged her to start without us. It was very dramatic. Who will get their meal next? Will it be delivered tonight? I wondered if it was going to be a two-part series since the pause between each deliver was so staggered. I felt like I should announce, “tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of “Ghost Waiter”. Seriously, he made me look mindful.

Fortunately, everyone is safe today. I don’t have to leave my house and can fully concentrate on the tasks at hand. I don’t always live in my head, but when I do, I pack a suitcase and stay awhile.