Square Peg ● Round Hole







If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are aware of my health initiative that I established over five months ago. (FASTer Way to Fat Loss rocks!) Now, it is simply a habit that makes me feel amazing and has boosted my confidence. But, like most women, I have a hard time appreciating my body. Thanks to the media, body image issues are abundant. So, I thought I would take the time and tell you which parts of my body I appreciate the most.

Let’s start with my eyes. They are, by far, the most in shape due to excessive rolling. They are intuitive. They are extremely helpful in situations where I am interacting with annoying people, but have expanded into the social media realm, especially when I encounter “vaguebooking”. Those individuals who imply there is a dire situation by saying, “I need prayers” and leave readers wondering what the hell is happening. Cue the eye roll.

My next favorite body part is my third finger. It provides clear communication. One doesn’t have to read between the lines with the middle digit. No one ever says, “I wonder what she meant when she flipped me off”. Sometimes, the eyes and finger work together to really get my point across.

Lastly, are my ears. Why? Well, it is very simple. No matter how much weight I have gained or lost, they still look the same. They aren’t sagging like my boobs. They don’t have stretch marks. Of course, they aren’t as fit as the previous parts mentioned. I am working on being a better listener. But, I will say, they do an excellent job of ignoring.

My body image issues are still a work in progress and they might always be. But, at least I have a top three that never let me down. They are my constants and the older I get, the more appreciative I become.