Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday was epitome of the ideal spring day. It was perfection. The sun illuminating the clear, blue sky. I mean, what could be more perfect? While I was out with the Bassets – they must go outside at least 200 times before they are bored – I heard my neighbor’s generator. I thought it was odd because it normally does it’s testing on Monday. Not thinking anything about it, I bring the girls back in the house. Upon further investigation, I noticed part of our house didn’t have electricity. I know, completely weird, but then five minutes later the rest of the house joined the fun. I called our electric company to report the outage and was shocked to find out that I was one of eight houses affected. WTAF??

We have a sump pump in our basement since our home is on a spring. It runs constantly especially if we have had a lot of rain. That was my only concern. I periodically checked it. My neighbors are kind enough to allow us to plug into their generator, but I opted not to because the water levels had not changed. Honestly, I am lazy. The process is a pain in the ass. The estimated time of repair was about 2:30 and it was 1:45. I decided to take a gamble. By now, you are probably questioning my sanity. I don’t blame you.

Bailey and I headed to our hair appointments. I am not the least bit concerned about our power issue. We get home around 3:15 and surprise, still no power. I go to check the basement which has turned into a pool with about two inches of water. My laziness just got bitch slapped. I proceed to do what I should have done to begin with, and plug into my neighbor’s generator. Once I am successful doing that, the water starts to dissipate. Bailey’s annoyance is palpable since his room got the brunt of it and the cats are watching me. You see, they can’t get to their litter box and food. If they could give me the finger, they would. Instead, they simply stare me down.

“I probably should have plugged our pump into the generator once we lost power.”

In his helpful and encouraging manner, he responds, “You think.” Then he rolls his eyes.

Five minutes later, our power is restored. Of course, it is. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. I inform Bailey that I will let him know when the basement is dry enough for him to resume his life of solitude and he responds, “whatever” which I take as a positive sign, since I thought maybe, he might give me the finger.

Sometimes, I make decisions that bite me in the ass. Fortunately, it was an easy cleanup with only 500 towels needed to soak up the remaining water. Yes, I exaggerated. It was only 499.

Today, looks to be another ideal spring day. Let’s hope that I am not faced with decisions that could potentially challenge my laziness.