Square Peg ● Round Hole







I feel like I plan well. However, I am finding that I am completely clueless on some things. For example, this writing workshop that I am attending tomorrow. You know, the one where I am pitching my book to two literary agents. The one where I might vomit on them prior to sharing the contents of my story. The workshop powers-to-be sent an email giving suggestions for what to bring, like business cards ,and dressing business casual but be comfortable. Umm……that is where the unprepared portion of our program begins.

I am a writer. Solitude is my friend. I don’t have business cards and business casual to me means relaxed-fit yoga pants with a shirt that doesn’t smell like my dogs. So, instead of focusing on writing my pitch, I scrabble to order business cards and expedite their delivery. I go through my closet to arrange an outfit only to leave my room feeling frustrated. And it is always helpful when my spouse asks what I have going on this weekend when I have told him hundreds of times.

My focus has been scrambled. Between my Mother’s health issues, and one of my freelance writing jobs disappearing, my ability to keep my eye on the main attraction has been compromised. But, wait, I am forgetting that this isn’t a crisis. This is merely an opportunity.

The reality is that I am pitching to gain experience. My manuscript is in the growth stages. It isn’t polished, complete, or ready for publication. Nobody is going to care what I am wearing. No one will bat an eye if my business cards don’t arrive on time. In the end, it is always me projecting. In the end, it always work out better than I imagined.