Square Peg ● Round Hole







So, I am in the midst of my revisions, which in layman terms means, I am residing in the seventh circle of hell. I had this grand illusion that it would be so easy. Effortless even. The simple act of expansion. But, clearly, I am delusional.

Writer’s block is a real condition. My characters have officially stopped talking to me. My theory is that they are fed up with my constant yammering on how I can make them better people. I can’t blame them. Nobody likes to be told they aren’t good enough. That improvement would be helpful. It is essentially me not accepting who they are, but don’t they understand I simply want the best for them? So ungrateful.

What’s the cure, you ask? Well, I take a step back and not try to force a solution. I let the characters marinate and hope that they find it in their hearts to allow me to help them. To mold them into strong, defined individuals who speak to the reader. I understand their need for a break, but couldn’t they wait until I was done? Finding good help is so hard these days.

I also wear inspirational T-shirts for motivation. Today, I am wearing one that says, “Write On”, in hopes that the characters respond. That they come back saying, “Let’s do this, Allison”. That they are enthusiastic in finishing this endeavor. Listen, I know that they are probably in fear that someone else is going to die. I’m not planning anyone’s demise….yet. Accidents happen. It’s one of the downfalls of the job. For them, not me. Knocking off a few characters, is therapeutic and also, legal as a writer. It’s a perk. I can also bring them back to life, if their death doesn’t fit the goal of the plot. It’s kind of a power trip.

In the meantime, I will just trust that it will all come together. That their vacation ends soon and that they will come back refreshed. Ready to work. Eager to finish. At the end of all of this, I will be writing several employee reviews. Some of them are going to be out of a job on my next project. It’s unfortunate, but their actions deserve consequences, and I have lots of creative ways to deliver them.