Square Peg ● Round Hole







Before I begin, my family knows that anything they say or do, can and will be used against them in my blog. I wanted to state that up front since there may be some individuals who are appalled at my open sharing policy. They say it. I write it. It’s called family. That’s what we do.

Our family dinners have been hit or miss these days. Everyone going in different directions, but last night we were able to seize the moment. Sometimes, I regret those moments because our conversations teeter on the inappropriate line. And honestly, if you know us, you have experienced it. And if you know Brian, you expect it.

I can’t even remember how our conversation morphed into the topic of “monkey butt”. If you are not familiar with this terms, it is simply when one suffers from chaffing or friction in their special area. There, that was a very appropriate way to describe it. Too bad that isn’t the way Brian told his story. Apparently, this was a problem while playing golf the other day and he has continued to suffer. He shared his misery with the other individuals in his foursome. I am sure they were excited to hear his woes. Fortunately, one of them introduced to “Anti Monkey Butt”, a revolutionary product aimed to solve friction issues. (If the creators of this item would like to pay me for this shameless plug, I am very open to that.) I felt like we are filming a commercial with him going on and on with how great it seems to work. For the love of Jesus, I will never look at a pork chop the same again.

Our family dinners are never dull and we certainly are the opposite of the Cleavers. But, they do provide me with excellent material and hopefully, this information will be helpful in spreading the word about this hideous condition.