Square Peg ● Round Hole







While my boys are proficient in many things related to household duties, cooking isn’t one of them. Oh, sure, Bailey has a little bit more experience than Bryce, but even he could use a few lessons. I decided that this summer should be dubbed “learn to cook, so your mother doesn’t have to”. Last night, was their first lesson.

I order packaged meals from a place called, Homechef. This was like finding the fountain of hope as I was lacking in the creativity department. I was groaning, along with my family, over what to make for dinner. I choose the meals from a rather significant selection and then all the ingredients are delivered once a week, complete with a recipe card. It limits the need to go to the grocery store, friends. You know the place with all those people. (I just shuddered from the thought of how peopley that can get.)

I was getting ready to go out with friends while they started the cooking process. Coincidence? Perhaps or perhaps not. I’ll never tell. Anyway, I intentionally had them start before I left, so I could answer any questions. Bryce did a fantastic job of delegating tasks to Bailey while gathering information from me. “How will I know if the pasta is done? “Is this a big enough pan? “Should I store the sauce separately or combine it with the pasta when I store the leftovers?” While they were still in the midst of their cooking frenzy, I left. Sending up a silent prayer that my home doesn’t burn down.

My home was intact and the kitchen was immaculate. When I unloaded the dishwasher, I realized that they used about 47 different spoons and a shit load of pans. Color me surprised. Hopefully, after a summer of cooking, they will adopt the philosophy, that less is more. Meanwhile, my evil plan of not cooking this summer is progressing nicely. It