Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am approaching the six month mark of my commitment to me. To my health. To honoring my body. You get the gist. My mantra for 2019 is commitment, accountability, and sustainability. Those three words blanket everything from my body image to my writing. And friends, I am slaying that bitch.

I refuse to use the word “diet” to describe my adopted lifestyle. It is more a way of life. Everything that I started in November has become habit. I eat the foods I love, never feel hungry, and have the support of my coach who has been with me every step of the way. Plus, I get the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program has changed the way I view the aging process. It has provided me with the tools to giving the finger to menopause. No more hot flashes. I sleep better. And friends, I found my waist again. It was lost for many years, but we have been reunited. And guess what, it feels so good.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that the timing isn’t right. Well, considering that I have done this through the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Derby) plus my spouse’s employment hiatus, I call bullshit. The timing is never going to be right. The excuses will always win.

As of yesterday, I have lost twenty-two inches overall and 19 pounds. Once I found my rhythm, the process became effortless. Can you have dessert? YES. Can you still have an adult beverage? Absolutely. This program taught me how to shift my body into a fat burning machine and trust me, the results speak for themselves. The only thing you have to lose by committing to you, is fat. And friends, that is a beautiful thing to do.

Next round starts May 13. What are you waiting for?