Square Peg ● Round Hole







I had no idea the kind of power I would feel writing a fictional story. The ability to create situations while devising twists of fate, gives me an euphoric high, especially when it comes to my characters who annoy me.

Yesterday, I killed one of them off. (Insert evil laugh). Oh, don’t worry, he deserved it. He was truly an asshole devoid of a moral compass. Plus, he might have been a few fries short of a McDonald’s happy meal. By the way, I love McDonald’s fries. I don’t eat them anymore, but I do have fond memories of their delicious goodness. I digress. Anyway, while I eliminated one person, today, I am creating a situation where one of my other characters is going to meet karma up close and personal.

In real life, I enjoy a well-orchestrated karma cage match. I love watching someone get their just rewards. Don’t judge. You know you love a good karmic fireworks display. Sometimes, I imagine those ridiculous characters from children’s shows that my boys used to watch, meeting some justified karma. Like Dora the Explorer. Seriously, that chick was way too loud and peppy. We get it, Dora. You have a map and backpack. Calm down. Nobody likes a bragger.

This writing gig is getting more and more therapeutic all the time. Although, I am glad that I am not at the level of Stephen King. I do have some boundaries and his shit is a little twisty. There is freedom in creating these fictional situations that might be sprinkled with a little reality. This is definitely the best way to keep me out of jail along with the whole “locked up” concept. All I am saying is that if someone is annoying you, create a character in their likeness and watch the karma unfold. You can thank me later.