Square Peg ● Round Hole







We have been waiting since Tuesday regarding Brian’s job. He had a verbal offer from the one company pending the background check and drug test results. When Thursday arrived, we were still in a holding pattern and I was getting antsy. My problem revolves around verbal agreements. It is definitely a trigger for me. Back in the day, when active alcoholism was alive and well, there were many empty promises. It challenged my trust, so understandably, this was a difficult spot for me to embrace.

While having dinner Thursday night, I asked Brian what his next step would be in regards to this situation. Would he be emailing the gentleman he interviewed with or is he just going to wait? Do you know what he said to me? “Allison, God’s got this. If it is meant to be, then it will happen.” I really hate when he is the healthy one. You know, the person who is secure in the process while I am out living in my own crazy. Ugh.

Yesterday arrives and I am still swimming in insecurity. Headed to the funeral home for a visitation, I was telling him how I shared his very healthy response to some of my friends. You know, where he told me, “God’s got this”. Cue my eye-roll. Anyway, at that very moment, his phone rings. He turns the screen to me, and it is the company that we have been waiting to hear from. They were calling to confirm his orientation for Monday. Okay, God. Geez. I get it. You are very proficient in your job. Nobody likes a showoff.

Yesterday, was the five month mark of when his former employer -who I shall refer to as the company spawned by Satan – let him go. This space of time has taught me a lot. First, I am impatient and not always trusting of the process. Second, I am a control freak who thinks I know best. Third, Brian and I don’t do well if we are together 24/7. But, my biggest lesson in all of this is experiencing how, in EVERY aspect of my life, there is a plan in place and things ALWAYS work out better than I could have ever imagined.

In this instance, I will give God a lot of credit, but I still think his time table needs a little adjustment.