Square Peg ● Round Hole







It’s my birthday, bitches!!! I know that some grimace at the prospect at growing older. Another year of new wrinkles and sagging boobs might be a drawback, but let me just say, many don’t get the privilege of getting older. So, I am embracing the crap out it.

Let me point out that this past year, I have done things differently. Instead, of thinking about my dreams and wondering how they can come to fruition, I lit it up. A year ago, my book was scattered. Part of it written while the other part was marinating. Now, I am near the end of the revision process and ready to send it to be edited. It is surreal, exciting, terrifying, but most of all it is gratifying. I followed the nudge to move forward and I haven’t looked back. By August, I will send it to the literary agents that have expressed interest and put my special baby in their capable hands.

A year ago, I was twenty-five pounds overweight. My clothes were tight. I was frustrated as I tried to understand why my body was suddenly betraying me. Now, I am twenty-five pounds lighter with over 30 inches of flab gone. I no longer resemble a can of biscuits once it is opened. I have a three-pack which someday might be a six-pack. I gave the finger to menopause. Yes, you all are probably annoyed that I keep mentioning it, but it bears repeating. This shift, has been the catalyst for everything. At 52, I feel amazing. Never thought I would be a size 8 again. Never thought I could have a sustainable lifestyle that allowed me to have the food I love and still lose fat and inches. But, all of those things have happens. I have my groove back. (www.fasterwaycoach.com#allisonjones)

I have a feeling this year is going to be one of the best. It is like I have finally found a rhythm. Every piece has fallen into place. In the words of my very wise son, Bailey, “I love my life” and that my friends, is the icing on the cake.