Square Peg ● Round Hole







It seems that the rough seas aka caregiver issues with my mother have eased….for now. I don’t want to get too comfortable, but so far, so good. I am trying not to overthink it and enjoy the peace along with embracing all the good that seems to creep into my life without me noticing.

For as long as I can remember, Bailey has been in a “band” with his best friend, Sam. I put band in quotes because they don’t play any instruments and their singing, well, it isn’t their gift. But what they lack in some areas, they make up for it by their capacity to dream big.

Through the years, they have added more band members and Sam’s mom hosts band night once a month. It is more of an excuse for a guy’s night, but they have embraced this persona of a rock group complete with business cards. Anyway, through Sam posting on his social media, they were contacted to be guests on a local radio show.

You have to understand that regardless of what anyone says, mainly myself and Sam’s mom, Tracey, they insist that they are an up -and-coming band soon to head out on tour. Their ability to live life with no boundaries is quite inspirational and sometimes, terrifying. While I want to be encouraging, I am also a realist. However, I am constantly reminded that I don’t know jack shit about anything. Case in point was their appearance on the radio last night.

They chatted it up about what they love about their band, what musical groups they are inspired by and a host of other questions. Watching them completely rock the interview took my breath away. Okay, tears might have glistened my eyes. They were in their element. Friends, this is what happens when you step outside of what society deems as a limitation and grab life by the shirt. It leaves me speechless. Every. Single. Time.

Bailey and Sam’s extra chromosome might be a challenge for some, but it is a bonus for the rest of us. More love. More dreams. More of everything that this world is in such desperate need of right now.