Square Peg ● Round Hole







I certainly have been swept up in the dance of change. Of course, no one likes it, but it certainly is one thing that is consistent. It’s dependable and, oddly enough, loyal. There are other factors in the mix that have created this perfect storm. The challenge for me was to keep an eye on my reactions.

I didn’t do it gracefully. I would love to tell you how controlled I was and how I just flowed through the process. I threw fits on occasion while eloquently uttering sentence enhancers. The “F” word was, by far, the most used. Who am I kidding? The “F” word is my favorite and I don’t really care if people are horrified by my potty mouth. Sorry. I digress. Anyway, I didn’t veer off course with my lifestyle initiative, and I honored my goal for writing each day. That was what was different. I didn’t allow the circumstances to define me.

While things have calmed down, I am still dealing with issues involving my mother’s caregiver. Nothing major. She is working out well, but there is the issue with no A/C in her car, which has resulted in me being their chauffeur. My mother insists that I show her around since she isn’t familiar with the area. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. I keep reminding my mother that she has a GPS on her phone. Sigh. It’s fine. I can do these small acts of service as long as this caregiver stays put for a long, long, time.

While I take a little break from my writing, I would like to have two things happen. One, I don’t want to see the number from the agency employing her caregiver popping up on my Caller ID. Two, I need for my mother to stop asking me if I am done with my book. Fun fact, I haven’t shared my completion with her because when I do, she will think I have all this extra time to do things for her. I know, I sound like an ungrateful toddler, but seriously, this chick needs a break.