Square Peg ● Round Hole







On Tuesday, I celebrated the completion of my manuscript by hanging out at the pool with Brian and Bailey. Bryce is way too cool to hang out with us. Whatever. Anyway, it was the first day without rain in 100 days. Kidding. But, seriously, not that far off. It took me a moment to realize that the bright orb in the sky was the sun. I hoped it enjoyed its lengthy vacation.

I dipped my feet in the cool, crisp water. While I sat there, a butterfly landed on my hand. It continued to stay there and even allowed me to gently stoke its wings. I like to think it was a sign from my Dad. As I sat there enjoying this spiritual moment, Bailey says, “You are like Snow White. You know she had all of the forest animals who liked to be with her and they helped her clean.” Isn’t he adorable? Yeah, if I were Snow White, I would have tased that evil bitch with her “mirror, mirror” shit. However, I do love how helpful those forest animals were and would love to hire them to clean my house.

Speaking of cleaning, I have kind of slacked on that realm of my life. Of sure, the boys have their chores but I don’t have anyone vacuuming the upstairs. Mostly because they don’t do it right. So, yesterday, I decided that since I have a little pause in my writing, I would tackle it. I felt like the timing was right since there were wads of pet hair that resembled Tumbleweeds. And, I finally steam cleaned the kitchen floor that had patterns of dried, muddy paw prints, remnants of our monsoon season. The whole time I wondered where my forest animals were to help me clean. Bunch of slackers.

My house is free from dirt. Well, as clean as it can be with pets and three testosterone humans. I suppose I should do this task more often, but I am clearly not overly motivated. So, I think I will just walk around my home without my glasses on because then I can’t see how dirty it really is. A little splash of denial go along way.