Square Peg ● Round Hole







This week has been weird. Weird in the sense that it took a while for my germ invasion to clear and having my mother thrown in the mix of that because of her caregiver’s accident, well, it has made for a bumpy ride. On top of that, I am behind on my revisions and wondering why people can’t just do what they are suppose to do.

I am reminded that it could be worse and that when I don’t feel well physically, everything looks bigger. One item up for discussion is the insane lack of customer service. I had issues this week with two different businesses that made me question how they are thriving. One, I have been a customer for years while the other is a new partnership. I try to be patient, but there are some moments where I lack the ability. And, this is going to sound sexist, but the individuals I am dealing with are men. Coincidence that there isn’t clear communication? Nope. Sorry. Not Sorry. If you are reading this and you are of the male persuasion, maybe you are the exception. An unicorn. An enigma. A rare gem in a sea of miscommunication. Good for you. Cue the applause.

I finally got things worked out and was able to express my unhappiness to each of them without using sentence enhancers. I was kind, but direct. I get that shit happens, but I don’t need to hear excuses for poor service. I need action. Follow up and most of all, accountability.

See, I was nice even though I really didn’t want to be because everyone deserves positive intent. I have to remember that being a good communicator is a gift that not everyone has. Sometimes, it will take work on my part to get the results. In my next life, I am coming back as an accessorized witch complete with a wand and broom, so I can get shit done in a quicker fashion. Until then, I will embrace being a mere mortal desiring better customer service.