Square Peg ● Round Hole







The other night, while minding my own business, I heard music drifting from downstairs. It isn’t uncommon as that is Bailey’s domain and he has impromptu concerts. What I wasn’t prepared for was the artist or shall I say, dinosaur that sings these songs. Yep, Bailey has reverted back to Barney. That hideous purple dinosaur that had taken us all hostage for years, has made a comeback. Sweet. Baby, Jesus.

It happens. We can go years without hearing the cult favorites that we would all sing ad nauseam, and then, bam, he is back holding us against our will. I tried to insert my ear buds to infuse my own music choices, but it was too late. The melody of I Love You, You Love Me among countless other songs were now trapped and there was no escape.

So, here is where I cling to the gratitude. I am grateful that I forbade my children from watching Teletubbies because that shit was weird. I am glad that Dora the Explorer isn’t on his radar. Dora and her constant yammering about the damn map and telling Swiper not to swipe. Ugh. Most days, I was hoping she would get lost and couldn’t be found.

I don’t express my annoyance because I know that this too shall pass. He will resume his love affair with Kiss or any one of his numerous music choices. Whenever we are clutched by the purple invasion, I am reminded that inwardly he has the mentality of a child and he does a damn good job of embracing that. He honors it. I love that about it him, but I would really enjoy not having Barney songs invading my head space.