Square Peg ● Round Hole







Remember all the research or “investigative stalking”, that Bryce accused me of regarding his roommate? Well, it was a colossal waste of my time. (Cue the exaggerated sigh.) When we arrived on campus with all of Bryce’s crap, he was alerted that not only did his room assignment change but so did the roommate. Bryce wasn’t overly surprised. No longer armed with information, I was left to meet this individual cold, much to my offspring’s amusement. I knew two things….his first name and that he was an athletic trainer as well. At least it wasn’t another football player.

His new roommate wasn’t present yet, so we unloaded all of Bryce’s stuff, arranged the room, and within an hour he was settled. Oh, and I cleaned because the previous occupant was a pig. Seriously, disgusting. I am grateful that I had boys because I know a girl’s dorm room would take most of the day to decorate. As we were finishing up, his roommate walked in and finally, I got to use my research skills in person. First of all, I love him. I know what you are going to say. You think it’s too early in the relationship to have such strong feelings, but he is AMAZING. First, he didn’t run from us. Brian and I separately are a lot to handle, but together it is a whole new ballgame. He was not offended by our sentence enhancers or our inappropriate humor. He thought we were hilarious something that probably makes my son want to cringe. Since he and Bryce already knew each other from working together, it seems ideal. Nothing better than leaving him knowing that third time is definitely charm in this situation.

I didn’t cry. Not one tear shed. Sure, I was a tad bummed that my research was wasted, but it is good to keep my skills sharp. I am sure that I will need them again. In the meantime, I am just comforted by the fact that he is happy, thriving, and not rooming with a psycho. It’s the little things, friends.