Square Peg ● Round Hole







At this stage in the game, we should have an empty home. We should be basking in the afterglow of raising children. Don’t interpret this as a plea for pity. I love having Bailey at home. Only those people who happen to have an adult child with a disability will understand where I am coming from. We are half empty nesters and learning to navigate that. Sometimes it’s hard especially, when Bailey thinks we are leaving him out of our fun.

Since Brian’s new job is second shift, the mornings are open. For the last two days, we have been going to the pool. Enjoying lunch poolside and just spending time together. Bailey had his own plans those two days which made it easier to escape.

Now, while I am basking in the sun, reading and reveling in the quiet, Brian has his headphones on listening to a podcast of people playing Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, he started listening to it on the way to the pool, but I nixed that shit. Why is this a thing? Why do people listen to other people play a game? So, he sits at the pool with his big, ass headphones on engrossed in it. Maybe there is podcast where you can listen to people sleeping. Whatever. You do you boo.

So here we are embracing our halfway empty nesting and really doing it pretty well. Somehow, it is easier doing this during the day versus night. Maybe it is because I prefer to be in my pajamas by 6 pm. Don’t be a hater.

The reality of being a parent of an adult with a disability is that you will never be done. Sure, he has a life where he is thriving, but he will always require us to be present. It is vital that we have our own lives too. And, I think we are doing a pretty good job of that. Our conversations aren’t as kid driven as they used to be. We are finding our footing in the shift of our landscape. It is still unfolding, but I think we are more settled. Who knows, maybe I will embrace listening to people play games on a podcast. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen.