Square Peg ● Round Hole







The other day a woman told me that I was wise. That the thoughts that I share are so on point. I smiled and thanked her. All the while feeling tremendous gratitude and also laughing because, well, a lot has shifted in the fifty-two years that I have existed. There was a time where I filled the victim role with ease. When I thought that the occurrences in my life happened TO me instead of FOR me. When I believed the universe was conspiring against me. I mean, hello, I was the one with the active alcoholic spouse while raising a child with Down syndrome. I wore the crown of victim like a pro.

We may have different experiences, struggles, obstacles, that shape us, but we are all human. That is where the differences end. I am no wiser than anyone else. I have just chosen to pay attention to the lessons at hand. My experiences don’t define me, they shape me. I am a better person for embracing the situations rather than ignoring them or resisting what they have to offer. I walk through them instead of around them.

Oh, sure there are those moments when I roll my eyes and say out loud, “Really? Are you kidding me?”. I might sprinkle some sentence enhancers to voice my frustration. But, then I remember how I feel when I get to the other side. Today, I am living my life unapologetically. Filling up on possibilities instead of regret. Being mindful. Being present. But, most of all, being willing to live within the moment no matter what the situation holds for me.