Square Peg ● Round Hole







Yesterday, I could barely move my neck. I tried to remember if there was anything out of the ordinary that I had done the day before, but realized that I was fine when I went to bed. I suppose I am getting to the age that I can literally injure myself sleeping. Color me annoyed. I spent the day nurturing the pain in my neck and hoping that sleep doesn’t become more dangerous.

We sat down for our family dinner where I shared that I started writing my next book. Bryce stared at me. Bewilderment blanketed his face and he said, “So, you are writing another book?”. Isn’t he precious? Why yes, my delightful child of God, a writer writes, so it is not unheard of, for them to write more than one book. After we cleared up the confusion of me proceeding with a new project, Brian pipes in asking if he was the subject of yesterday’s blog. I feel like we have this conversation a lot. It is as though he loves me using his ridiculous antics for my reader’s entertainment. Oh, he totally does. He might balk on occasion, but he lives to be the center of attention. But, since he failed to provide me with useful material, I spent that time writing my new book instead.

After dinner, everyone dispersed to their own venues. Brian was organizing his drugs for the week in his adorable pill box. When he does this, it looks like a drug store threw up in our living room. Pill bottles litter the floor. He has his headphones on singing whatever song he is hearing. He didn’t get the memo that karaoke has been cancelled. Friends, he has many gifts, but God didn’t give him the ability to belt out a tune. It’s cute that he thinks that he sounds good.

I love my quirky little family. They are highly entertaining and an excellent resource for my writing. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table this week.