Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have a confession. Honestly, the sole blame lies at the feet of my youngest. It was his fault I got sucked in and am wallowing in a sea of disappointment. My name is Allison and I watched every episode of The Bachelorette this summer.

Let me state for the record, that I haven’t watched television in almost two years. I don’t really have a reason. One day, I just stopped and books became my source of entertainment. So this brings us to why I became obsessed with this “reality” show. When they announced the contestants that would appear, one just happened to be a former teacher of Bryce’s. Of course, curiosity set us up for first night of airing and even though he was eliminated, we committed to seeing it through. Every Monday, since May 13th, Bryce and one of his best friends have joined me. We have laughed, shared our opinions and have invested our time. We cared too much, friends. This is time I will never get back. Oh, it would have been worth it, if Jed hadn’t turned out to be a royal ass and lied to her. His dishonesty robbed me of a happy ending. Oh, yeah, and it robbed Hannah too.

While I am pissed at the outcome, I did enjoy my time with Bryce and his friend. Since he was already back at school, his friend still came over and we exchanged numerous text messages with the person responsible for us committing to this circus of insanity. I seriously never thought this would be a source of bonding with these two, but whatever.

I realize that I am now in the process of detoxing. It is going to take me some time to regroup. If I am completely honest, I got up this morning, and searched the internet for information to see if she got back together with Tyler,(serious eye-candy), who was the runner-up. Why do I care about these people? And, why does Chris Harrison feel the need to announce that there is only one rose left when clearly everyone can see that? Back to regular programming which is me with my nose in a book.