Square Peg ● Round Hole







I have to admit that my family provides some of the best material. This morning, I was hardly through my cup of liquid gold, when my spouse tries to enlighten me on his way of thinking. My brain is a tad fuzzy in the morning. Comprehension is hit or miss.

It is literally hotter than Death Valley in our sweet city of Louisville. We even have an extreme heat warning. At 6:00 am, the humidity is thick, but that will not stop Brian from playing golf. A few weeks ago, he put an extra pair of swim trunks in his locker, just in case he wanted to swim after he finished up 18 holes. You might be thinking that he is so organized and brilliant for doing that, but the only reason he thought of it, was because I wouldn’t come out and bring them to him. He called me under the guise of wanting me to bring Bailey to swim with him. His hidden agenda was really me bringing him his swim trunks. I didn’t fall for it.

As he was getting ready to leave this morning, this was our conversation:

Brian: “I am taking swim trunks and a shirt with me. If you bring Bailey to meet me after golf, I just need you to bring me a towel.”

Me: “Didn’t you put swim trunks in your locker for that very reason?”

Brian: “Yes, but my golf clothes are going to be soaked in sweat and I can’t wear them home. This way I still have a pair of swim trunks in my locker in case I decide to use them another time.”

Me: (In my head, I am saying,”WTAF”) But, if you swim another time, won’t you be wearing those home?

Brian: No, I will leave them in my locker to dry.”

Me: “How big is your locker?” (He provides some measurements which went over my head, but I got the gist it was small.) “Do you think those will dry in a small contained space?

Boom! He gave up his explanation. I can’t even imagine the kind of chaos in his brain. His logic is lost on me. I mean, why would you bring another pair of trunks, when you have one there? It makes no sense. He will never admit it, but I think he saw my point. As he was leaving, I thanked him for giving me a topic for my blog post and he commented that was the reason I married him. Actually, that isn’t true, but it has become one of the perks of our relationship. Grateful, he is a good sport and I hope he doesn’t have a problem picking which pair of swim trunks to wear. It is always a great idea to have choices. (Cue my exaggerated eye-roll.)