Square Peg ● Round Hole







I slept a lot yesterday. My body seemed to have simply halted in an effort to recover from the week. Grief is a palpable opponent. And just when I thought we could take a breath, we got word that one of Brian aunt’s passed away Friday night. Loss is everywhere. But, through the grief, there are bright spots and those are what I choose to focus on.

This past week marked the fourth year of Bailey’s employment. My philosophy has always been, that it never hurts to ask. So, when I approached the high school that has been such in integral part of my family’s life, and posed the question of employing him, I simply put it in God’s hands. When they said “yes”, I felt like I had won the lottery. He is exactly where he is meant to be. Five days a week, he thrives in an environment that embraces him. They are patient, kind, and loving. It is simply a gift to be able to send him to work and not worry.

And I can’t forget about Bryce. For the last few weeks, he has been working diligently at football camp. While freshman year was good, he seems more confident and completely in his element this time. When I talk to him, I sense his happiness. He is socializing more, making new friends, and I am experiencing a new version of one of my favorite individuals.

I have to remember that while there are times of heaviness riddled with sadness, there is a lot of bright spots that help me through the darkness. Watching my kids thrive, seeing my husband shine in his new job, experiencing the progress of my manuscript, are all the things that my attention needs to be drawn to. It eases the sadness and provides a purpose of simply moving forward. Life is in constant motion. Always changing. Nothing and no one is permanent. Experiencing the blessings in my life soothes me.