Square Peg ● Round Hole







I am finally in the groove. My mojo is back. The ideas are flowing. Okay, I think you get the gist. I was kind of at a loss on the direction of this manuscript and frankly, overwhelmed by my editor’s revision suggestions. But, yesterday there was magic.

Being around people can be very beneficial for my process. Yes, I am aware of the contradiction. That avoiding people is one of my favorite past times, but I find that the more I engage with people, the more I am inspired. Two of my characters needed a little more dimension. They were a bit flat and not believable as being authentic assholes. So, I observed. Absorbed some new directions to take them and yesterday, we were off to the races.

Writers are complicated creatures. We crave inspiration. We thrive on using experience to mold a story. While I am creating fictional characters, sometimes personality traits appear from people that I know. It might be intentional or by complete accident. And if I experience someone being a complete narcissist, then it is like winning the writing lottery.

Sure, it sounds mean and spiteful, but it is cathartic and doesn’t end with a jail sentence when I create a scene that ends with their demise. You can’t write if you don’t experience, feel, and live. Of course, I would love to be a recluse surrounded by dogs and cats, but my writing would have no dimension. And honestly, I get a kick our of controlling my character’s destinies. I mean, if I can’t be a puppet master in real life, might as well have a little fun with my imaginary friends.